An Interview with Theatre Artist Bimba Adhikari

२०७३ मंसिर २ बिहीवार
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Posted on, November 16, 2016 by Amrita Khanal

Kathmandu city is a hub of arts, including the theatrical arts. It is difficult to break into the theatre world, but once someone has established a name for themselves they are likely to find increased opportunities.
This is a short interview with Bimba Adhikari who has been active in Theatre for the last one year and has a play lined up for release in a couple of weeks.


Why have you chosen this field?

  • Because it makes me happy.

How did you get involved in theatre?

  • Cinema has always been my first love. In the process of learning the different aspects of filmmaking, I took three months’ theatre course at Sarwanam Theatre in order to have the better understanding of the acting aspect of cinema. And the rest of the events followed.

Is it hard to work in theatre as it is believed?

  • You only have a single take on stage and you need to give louder projection. In that sense, you may call it difficult than working in cinema. But acting for camera has its own difficulties.

Does the job in theatre lacks continuity?

  • If you are a freelancing actor, and unless you are a very popular one, you might face difficulties finding projects back to back. You can find works easily if you are actively involved with some theatre group, but that has its own disadvantage of you getting institutionalized.

Your hobbies and interest?

  • Watching movies, dramas, and yes music and football. I believe the knowledge of musical beats and sportsmanship are two very essential qualities for being a theatre artist.


Do you think there is sexual discrimination in this field? If yes then what type of?

  • Nope I haven’t seen any sexual discrimination in this field. Not until now.


What is your greatest weakness?

  • As an artist my greatest weakness is that I don’t have that much knowledge of music.

What experience do you have in this theatre field?

  • Only one year of experience including three months of schooling; acted in five plays on stage, one radio drama, street plays; directed one play and involved in writing on few occasions.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

  • On the silver screen 🙂 I want to work for cinema, as the first love is always special 😉

About your coming project?

  • Name of the play is Maharshi Yagyabalkya.
    Written by Satya Mohan Joshi and being directed by Badri Adhikari, it’s a period drama. It takes place at Mithila, during the reign of King Janak. The play explores the life of laureate yogishwor Yagyabalkya, who had a prominent stature back then. I am playing the titular role.
    The play starts from Mangshir 14 at Rastriya Nachghar, Jamal.