Diksha Khati from Jhapa Participants on Miss Universe Nepal

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Born in the heart of Purva Jhapa. Diksha Khati is 21 years young woman who is a bachelor’s student and professionally works as even director, pageant choreographer, mentor, and host.

since childhood she had a keen interest in speaking on the mic, being in front of a camera, and facing mass. At the age of 16 she participated in a pageant in 2017 and won the sub title ‘Miss talent” and was a top 10 finalist although she didn’t win the competition, she never turned back

Her love for pageantry was so immense and eventually, she started working in a pageant company. Lots of hard work and dedication resulted in her debut as an assistant mentor in a huge event and her position in the company went uphill from that point with her being an anchoring Trainer for 2.5 years. And she too started mentoring, working as a project head for 5 years.

But that was not the end, her ability to be mass-friendly gave her more exposure due to which she got a chance to host big events. She hosts events in Nepali, English, and Hindi language. she says “being able to host in 3 different languages has helped me to grow as I got exposure to not only Nepali audience but Indian audience as well”
Due to this exposure, she got an opportunity to interview some Indian celebrities in a talk show which will be ON AIR very soon.

While working in pageantry she realized and understood the strength of pageantry and the positive impact it could have on society. Since then, she started doing social work on her own. Talking about her purpose in social work she says” I want to be the voice of the unheard. I especially want to work on child safety teaching them about good touch and bad touch. And women’s safety by teaching them self-defense techniques.”

Due to her love for wards pageantry and to fulfill her purpose this time she is ready for her new journey as a qualifier for Miss Universe Nepal 2022. talking about her new beginning she says” This time I am participating in Miss Universe Nepal to be the best version of myself I vision to be a person who can uplift not only her life but also the life of the community. I want to amplify my advocacy for child women’s safety to educate and empower them. At the end bring the universe to Nepal”