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Shikhar news  specially serve Nepalese local news, Political news ,  ideas and views , Business news , Interview with the different sector people  and issues. Entertainment news, International news , sports news and coverage for live , arts and literature, health and lifestyle and interview with concern person with solution . We are giving highly motivated and coverage news from the information and technology, with the global change, gadget, and technology and early morning we weak up with “ Nepalese newspaper headline “ coverage with most popular news and articles, From Nepal. website in Nepal  is the best online news portal with more than 1.3M page views and up to 500 thousand  unique visitors per month on both the desktop and mobile versions.

The website has the best and most visited mobile version of a website in Nepal according to valid online statistics and ratings.
Today,  is one of the top  most popular website, and the best News coverage website in Nepal. ( group that we manage)

Shikharnews provides a single stop for information and updates on all sector news coverage from Nepal . News viewers more than 4.5 million per month’s viewers.

The ADs are placed in the most reliable and easily accessible sections of the website; such sections are considered the best by online advertisers and internet entrepreneurs.

Through a continuous focus on excellence, our commitment to execution, ability to offer market-leading promotions and an unsurpassed dedication to customer service, our vision is to leverage our established market presence and relationships and the growing demand for News coverage from Nepal, and all over the world with the time respectively.

We are dedicated to provide trusted news on the simple way as we are telling “ serving news simply “ and We are “ top of the news “  shikharnews .

Company Values
Our values include:
Integrity: We exist to provide total business solutions to our clients with unquestioned levels of integrity by always delivering whatever we promise, on time and within budget, using state-of-the art technologies.
Customer-Focus: The recognize that customers are the only reason for our existence and, therefore, always endeavor to provide highest level of customer service, before and after transactions, regardless
of contract price, size of customer or proximity to us. This is achieved by practicing customer relationship management and maintaining a customer’s relations program for every customer.
Reliability: Over the past year, we have built a dependable character among our staff and clients, always available to assist our customers achieve their core objectives in business,  and our services are
free from random error because you are guaranteed that they will yield better results.
Credibility: Initially, clients are skeptical therefore it’s our duty as Shikhar Media ,  to prove that we can deliver. We shall do this with testimonials, facts and figures with visual proof for example with website visual statistics so that we can show before and after photographs. Our employees are also positive minded and are always willing to endeavor no matter the circumstances.

Reach :The website receives visitors from across Nepal  and the neighboring countries including India , Malaysia . United Status, UAE, Qatar, Australia and global Nepalese  and others.
· No. of visitors every month average 4million .
· No. of unique visitors every month average 270,000.
· Highly optimized website for search and appears high on Google™, most of the cases No. #1, for search pertaining to Nepali Online news and entertainment news from nepal..
· The website is linked to infoshikharnews Twitter  (@shikharnews)

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 With the help of more than 430 thousand  above followers with in very short of  period we are having more than 200k news reach and more than 30k news share.


What we offer to our clients:

  • 2/3 Articles and business news coverage per months.
  • Video interviews on request.
  • Special coverage of events or program on request.
  • Articles boosting and promotion on request.
  • Special marketing and promotion campaigning discussion and ideas sharing.
  • Public feedback and product / service review on request .

Should you have any questions,comments, or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us directly at We look forward to partnering with you to make a success

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